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Our Story (the short version)

Herb Brusman Herb's Howlers was started in Pendleton Oregon in1984 by Herb Brusman, a leader and legend in the world of howling for coyotes. Herb's 23 year career as a government trapper led him to launch the business with an area of expertise not known to the public. Using the handcrafted cow horn howler he made in 1964 as a model, Herb's Howlers was born.

Howling was a new sport and caught on quickly. Herb and his family were making Howlers day and night to keep up. With his son Chris beside him, Herb was going to sportsman shows across the country, giving seminars and teaching the art of Howling to thousands. Soon Herb's shop was bustling with family, hired help, and buddies—all pitching in to help. Herb's love of Howling became a way of life for us and the huge pile of fresh cow horns behind the barn constantly reminded us of work to be done.

Bobbie Brusman In 1990, Herb wanted to do some traveling so Chris and his wife Bobbie took over production of the Howler and moved the company to Long Creek Oregon where it is today. Chris had a 30 year career as a timber faller and Bobbie worked in the road construction industry keeping them both busy and production of the Howler slowed but continued to be a leader in the industry.

Many articles in outdoor magazines have been written throughout the years documenting the success, the skill, and the quality of our products. Letters from customers of 30 years tell us how much their Howler means to them, that they are still using it, and they wouldn't trade it for anything. This is the heart of Herb's Howlers. You do not just own a Howler, you own a masterpiece of simplicity that works well, a piece of history and something worthy of passing on.

Today we are proud to recognize that many howlers currently on the market are an attempt to copy Herb's first howlers with some companies even using Herb's original language describing the sounds made by the howler. We are honored in knowing that our company sparked ideas that helped create the original model for the entire industry of howling for coyotes.

Chris Brusman Our business model is based on trying to understanding what each and every one of us can do to help make the world better. We believe that any real change has to start with the actions of each individual. We do not believe in ethical excuses like, 'everyone else does it', 'if I don't do it someone else will', and 'it's only business'. On and on goes the list of thoughts and rationalizations that challenge attempts to do the right thing. We believe the great challenge is to listen to our own conscience at every crossroad and give it the power it deserves and that is how we do business.

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