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Customer Testimonials

We are proud of the quality of our howlers and enjoy your letters and comments. Here are some of them


I would like to place an order for a wolf howler and a predator call. I live in the Alaska bush and don't readily have access to a phone so would prefer to do business via the internet if that is okay with you. I have used one of your Coyote Howlers for years and think it is a marvelous product.
Nate B - Eagle, Alaska

Hello From Texas,I spoke with Chris on Friday, 12/26/09 about a cow horn Coyote Howler, please pick out a pretty one as this will be handed down to my kids. I have sent extra, keep the change, buy some ammo!
Russell C - Azle, Texas

Hi there, My name is Ed S. from The Dalles, Oregon. I wrote to Herb about 20 years ago when I first found out about your Howlers and bought one that was the best damn call I ever had. Anyway, I have lost it and since have bought 2 more.
Ed S. - The Dalles, Oregon

Hey Guys, I purchased a Herbs Howler back in the 70's (yeah over 30 years ago!) while I was just a kid living in Ohio. We didn't even see coyotes back then but thought it was too cool to have such a fine Howler and knew within time I would get the chance to use it. In last months issue of Fur Fish and Game I saw your ad and was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Just wanted to say hi and say that I still have my Herbs Howler. I have dozens of calls and so called howlers as coyote hunting is a huge passion and I have never had a call that matched the quality and sound as my original Herbs Howlers.
Larry C - Ohio

I bought my Herbs Howler about 15 years ago;it is one of the best tools I own. I would like to purchase another one for a gift.
Scott H

Dear Herbs Howlers, Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoy your product. The Howler arrived in fine condition and is a real beauty. Your quality control is top of the line. As inexperienced as I am, I will never forget the first time I gave a Howl on the first one I bought from you over 20 years ago. It was up above Unity, Oregon--a place called Bridge Creek Meadows. The evening before elk season. The response was terrific. It seemed like every coyote in the country was packed into the woods surrounding our camp. My friend talks about that still today. I enjoy your articles in the Varmint Hunter Mag. Best Wishes.
Bill D - Ontario, Oregon

Dear Folks, I bought a Herbs Howler coyote call from you years ago and it still sounds and works beautifully. I use it as a locator call when hunting turkey, it sure makes the gobblers gobble out here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Many hunters I have guided over the years have requested your name, they want their very own Howler.
Scott B - Rapid City SD

My name is John. I now live in Texas but before moving, I lived in Long Creek and had the pleasure of meeting Chris - owner of Herbs Howlers. I purchased a Howler from him, we talked in his living room about Howling for coyotes, wolves, elk hunting, deer hunting, fishing. Before I left Long Creek,Chris and his father Herb, took me out and taught me to use my new Howler. What a day! I will never forget it. Such common folk with a true love of what they do.
John L - Texas

To Herbs Howlers, Just a note to let you know that the Howler I got from you certainly stands up to what it is intended to do. Of all the so called howlers on the market today, and I have owned them all, my Herbs Howler is the one that has consistently through the years been the one that I rely on when I want to kill coyotes. And then to have Chris give me personal instruction was the highlight, Thank you,
Cougar Dan - Eastern Oregon



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